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Keynote Speaker: Meg Johnson

Keep On Rollin

Location: Auditorium


Though confined to a wheelchair, Meg refuses to sit still. She started out her time in a wheelchair playing rugby, also known as Murderball, with the Utah Scorpions. Less than a year and a half after her injury, Meg represented Utah as an independent delegate at the national Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant in New York, winning the Spirit Award. That same year, Meg founded Utah’s chapter of the Ms. Wheelchair pageant.


Meg taught high school seminary at Layton, Northridge, and Fremont High Schools.

Her work has touched many on a local, national, and international level and Meg was the recipient of the Athena Leadership Award in 2012.

In addition to numerous television and print stories, Meg was the cover story for Wasatch Women in 2008. She has been the inspiration for several documentaries and movies including Falling Up.


Meg was paralyzed halfway through college, but finished her degree at Weber State University. She has a BA in Communications with a minor in English. Part of her college experience was as an intern at Walt Disney World.


Meg married Whit in the Salt Lake Temple in 2009. They live in Northern Utah and have two daughters and many tea parties.


Greg & Kristin Jones



Location: Assembly Room



Sometimes you only get a little more than a first impression. How much can you learn about someone in 3 minutes? This is a fast, easygoing approach to get to know each other! Put down your phone and let’s make a good impression in person! Ask questions and listen for answers face to face. What does your body language say? Come have fun and get to know new people with speed friendshipping and speed dating!

Speed Friendshipping: Ages 13-15 ONLY Session 1, 3

Speed Dating: Ages 16-18 ONLY Sessions 2, 4


Greg served a mission in the New York, New York Spanish speaking mission. During this time Kristin dated a lot. They had yet to meet.

Greg and Kristin met at Ricks College, now known as BYU Idaho. Kristin, being a California girl, was set on not dating or marrying anyone from Idaho but ended up doing both. They are quite opposite but decided they couldn’t live without each other and married on August 4, 1990 in the Idaho Falls Temple. Opposites do attract!

They’ve been married for 28 years, live in Belmont and have three pretty incredible grown sons (yes, Kristin wrote this), Garret, Logan, and Ian. Greg serves as 1st counselor in the Crystal Springs 2nd Ward bishopric and Kristin serves as stake YW Camp Director in the San Mateo Stake.

Chuck and Liz Walton

“The Temple: A Higher Vision for Your Purpose on Earth”

Location: North Relief Society Room



How does preparing for and being in the Temple give you a higher vision for your purpose on earth.  President Nelson asked the youth of the Church, “What were you born to do?” How does the Temple help you find and fulfill your mortal mission?



Chuck and Liz Walton were recently called to serve as the President and Matron of the Oakland California Temple.  They both grew up in the Bay Area and were sealed in the Oakland Temple. They have 4 children and 13 grandchildren.  President Walton was an attorney with a real estate development company. President and Sister Walton served as a mission president in Portugal and as an acting mission president in Angola, a former Portuguese colony in Africa.  They also served as the Executive Secretary for the Africa Southeast Area which included 23 countries and 15 missions. President Walton served as a missionary in Brazil and has served as a bishop and stake presidency counselor. Sister Walton has served as a stake and ward primary president, ward young women president, and seminary teacher.  President and Sister Walton have served in many other callings where they always loved working with the youth.


Jared Algood

“Selfies, Memes, Finstas, and Rinstas”


Location: Baptistry



Your parents didn’t grow up with social media, but you probably feel like you can’t imagine life without it. We’ll dive into what the scientific data say about how social media affects your brain for good and bad and teach you one of the secrets to well-being.



Jared Allgood started his first business selling homemade cookie subscriptions to his neighbors when he was in third grade and has been an entrepreneur ever since. Around that same time he met Kim Buchanan, the cute blonde girl who sat in front of him and who eventually became his wife (third grade was a big year for Jared!). They married in the Seattle Temple and live in San Mateo with their daughters Kennedy, Macey, and Rebecca and their son Peter. Jared is CEO of Juxta Labs, a social technology startup that has built apps with over 50 million users including Yearbook, Jott Messenger, and Mappen. Jared is currently serving on the High Council and as the Stake Young Men’s President in the San Mateo Stake.


Heather Wright

“Be a Light - How to make a great first impression for good in this ever changing world.”


Location: South Relief Society Room



Have your ever felt out of place? Like everyone was staring at you?

Have your ever wondered if you could date the cutest boy/girl at Youth Conference?

Do you know how to speak in front of an audience and not forget what you are saying?

Learn how to be a “light” and be confident (even when you don’t feel like it) on any given day and time. Tips on style, speaking and engaging those you associate with everyday.



Heather Dougal Wright grew up in the Pleasanton Stake and graduated from Livermore High School. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho and is the mother of two (son, 16 & daughter, 14). Heather has a BA in Japanese from Brigham Young University and a minor in Dance. She has worked for Merrill Lynch in NYC and SF. She then transitioned to a new career and was part of the team to launch the Sony PlayStation. She and her husband Steven have had a successful graphic design and marketing business (mostly for video games) for the last 18 years. Heather has also worked for Nordstrom for 15 years as a make-up artist/stylist and enjoys helping people look fabulous. She competed in the Miss America Scholarship Program and was a State runner-up and scholarship recipient. She enjoys sewing, going to the movies, traveling and hanging out with her family.



Come help create packages that will provide joy to children in Samoa!


Location: Outside at Registration Tables


We are working with an organization called Rheumatic Relief for our service project this year.  Rheumatic Relief helps diagnose children with Rheumatic Heart disease in Samoa. Samoa records one of the highest rates of Rheumatic Heart disease in the world. The exact reason for this is unknown. We travel with a team of heart surgeons, echo techs from the Mayo clinic, genetic researchers and students from BYU to lead a collaborative effort for early detection of the disease, treatment and education. The first time we went we noticed the students using rice sacks as backpacks and a lack of school supplies. For many being screened this can be their first time seeing a doctor so the process can be overwhelming. The excitement at the end of their treatment is the opportunity to select 2-3 books, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a water bottle and a backpack filled with school supplies. You can’t imagine the joy on their faces as they receive these things.


You have the opportunity to help us create that joy packaging some of the supplies and organizing and boxing the books that have been donated. Come see how quick you can box some of these items and compete with some of your friends for the best time.


Melia Rios-Lazo

“Ahoy, Mateys! Ready to walk the plank?... Jump in and rescue your ancestors!”


Location: Room 202-205



Embark on an ocean of possibilities.  Powerful protection lies just ahead as you search through waves of ancestors and throw them the life line to eternal blessings.  Catch the spirit of Elijah and reel in your ancestors. "All ships are safe in the harbor but that isn't what ships are built for."  Set sail on a course of courage and get "all hands on deck" for the ride of a lifetime . . . and beyond the horizon. Learn how to anchor yourself to Family History and save souls.  As soon as you get wind of the concepts, you can catch the wave and enjoy the ride!



Melia Rios-Lazo is a wife and mother of five.  She loves to build, read, create, inspire, blog and she has a passion for Family History that takes her searching for ancestors from the islands of Hawaii to the hills of Denmark.  She served in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission. She has served in many Family History callings such as assistant director, teacher, consultant as well as being one of the youngest to serve on the Board of Directors of the Pottstown Historical Society in Pennsylvania.  She currently blogs and shares her passion for life and the gospel at and Melia is currently serving as Temple and Family History Consultant in Arizona.


Geoff Nugent

“Technology and Testimony: Tips for teens”


Location: Auditorium



With all the technology around us, from smartphones to computers, it is easy to get caught up in spending a lot of time online or just texting your friends. But have you ever wondered what they do to your brain, as well as your testimony? In this workshop, you will explore the positive and negative effects of technology on our brains and testimonies, as well as how to manage and master those negative effects.



Dr. Geoff Nugent, a video game-loving therapist (they do actually exist) has been practicing therapy since 2006. During that time, he has worked in schools, community agencies, and his own private practice, helping kids, teens, and adults work through their issues. When not earning his various degrees and licenses (Ph.D. in Health Psychology, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in three states: California, Arizona, and Utah, as well as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor), he spends time watching his favorite comic book heroes on the big screen, playing games with his three children, and enjoying the beautiful California weather, so different than his native Canada.  


Angela West

“Creative Dance Workshop”


Location: Small Gym


We will focus on skills related to: group dynamics/social interactions, self-confidence, creative thinking,artistic skills, as well as responding creatively to challenges.  Lets have some fun being groovy together with a scarf, a straw and a drum....



Angela has a Masters in Education from Mills College. Her dance background consists of: being in the civic ballet company in San Luis, CA; dancing on both folk and ballroom teams at BYU; creating a garage studio for creative dance in her backyard. Currently she is a member of the Board and dancing with Behold, Dance Collective at Temple Hill, performing in "Ship Brooklyn" in Oakland, teaching dance lessons to patients in the hospital with, and teaching creative dance lessons to elementary school kids. She recently performed in "Behold the Gift" in Oakland and would like to personally invite you to come watch Tapestry performed April 27 on stage at Temple Hill.

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