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Meal Options

​Lunch: Deli Sandwiches (Subway)

Ingredients Description:

A variety of sandwiches with different meats, cheese and vegetables will be available.

A limited number of vegetarian sandwiches will also be available.

Chips, cookies and drinks will also be offered.

Mayonnaise will be offered in packets on the side

Allergy Alert:

Subway prepares foods in an environment with mixed meats, dairy products and grains.

Youth with wheat and dairy allergies may want to bring their own food.  There are refrigerators available to store food for those with needs. 

​Dinner: Mexican Fiesta

Ingredients Description:

Hola! This year's menu will include a variety of Mexican traditional foods for dinner. 

A mix of items such as enchiladas, tacos, chips, salsa, rice and beans will be served in buffet fashion.

Allergy Alert:

The dinner items will be prepared in a kitchen that uses a variety of meats including seafood.  Although shellfish is not on the menu, those with an  allergies should be aware.

Wheat, corn, and dairy are part of this menu.  As always, if this menu compromises a youth's health, they are welcome to bring their own food items and store them in the refrigerator on site.

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